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Web Designs Unlimited has a host of services that can help your business continue to take advantage of the internet. The services consist of the following.

Web Site


This service is for individual web page layout and design. It is charged on a per page basis.  We will work with each client to achieve the desired web page appearance. Page design includes a single color background and a maximum of 300 words per page.



This service is for acquiring, editing, and importing the desired graphic or image into your web site.

Animated Graphic


This service is for animating a series of sequenced frames into a single graphic and importing the graphic into your site.
Web Site Hosting WDU does not host web sites. We will help you select a web site hosting company that meets your needs and will set up your account with the selected company. We will also assist you in acquiring your domain name.

We look forward to providing you with any or all of these services.

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